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A: A Independent Record Label est 2019. A self manage deal. You do your own productions and submit your music under our brand to be marketed as one of our artist. We do the labor work, with perks for the artists and point you in the right direction of exposure to succeed as we grow and fulfill your presskits. 

Q:How do i join "CIFE MONEY MUSIC GROUP" aka "The Money Tank"?

A: Create a music email account with yourstagenameCMMG@gmail,yahoo,etc.com and submit an artists signup request in the box and send message Subject: I want to join the team and support "The Money Tank" if its no CMMG in your email address. Membership is denied.

Q: How much will it cost to join the record label?

A: All artists will be advised to share links and support the team. The work we do is "Priceless" 

Q: What do i get out of this record deal? 

A: Merchandise with our brand, Artists roster spot, Distribution of music to channels and collect royalties,Musical career presskits, Financial advisory assistance, Bookings or listings to local shows in your city (Paid shows TBA,TBD), Exposure to indie radio and mainstream stations, indie Magazines, music copyrights, songwriting assistance and more as we grow. Perks and membership as far as supporting artists release parties, offering awards, music being placed in monetary competitions for prizes, and travel support. Just some of our benefits.

The artists will receive all information needed through email. Any questions for the artists or booking email management in box above. Collaboration, etc etc is on artists to decide to take part in. We are not responsible if collaboration don't go as artists like for sales, and promotions. Production is at artists risk.


Q: How do i become a sponsor and get listed on our "Sponsor's Page"

A: When an order is placed on our merchandise-You become a sponsor.

     When a single is bought and downloaded-You become a sponsor.

     When you signup to our Show/Subscribe/Emailing list and show proof of          attendance-You become a sponsor. All proof must be submitted to: Cifemoneymusic@gmail.com with Subject stating your proof/ Approval once verified. Thanks and "We appreciate your investment into our movement" 

Performing Rights Organizations do not collect all the publishing royalties you’re owed — just the “performance” royalty.

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